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Painted Profiles – HR

Quality : S235JRHJ0H/J2H – S275J0H/J2H – S355J0H/J2H

Standard : DC01 – DIN EN 10130 – S185

Dimensions : 10×10 – 200×200 mm

Wall Thickness : 0,80 – 100,00 mm


Painted Profiles

What are Painted Profiles?

Painted profiles are generally red or tile-lined profiles. These profiles can be painted in different colors according to customer demand. There is no difference between painted profiles and standard profiles.

Although it is frequently used in the manufacturing sector, it saves time by dyeing the profiles. This is an important factor in the preference of profiles. At the same time, painted box profiles do not harm both nature and human health with their water-based feature. Durability is gained by applying the galvanizing process to the profiles. The reason why it is frequently used especially in industrial areas is because of its long-term use advantage and durability.

Properties of Water Based Anticorrosion Primer Paint

  • It is more economical because it is water-based.
  • It is environmentally friendly compared to organic paint systems.
  • Since it does not contain solvent, the fire risk is less.
  • It does not adversely affect human health.
  • Cleaning equipment is very easy.
  • Since there is no odor, the material can be used immediately after the application.
  • Its usage area is wide, it is suitable for all kinds of metal coating.
  • It is resistant to UV rays and heat. It does not yellow or crack over time.
  • It has high corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance.
  • It has high adhesion ability and is resistant to mechanical effects.
  • Its shine is permanent, it dries fast.
  • It has high covering power.
  • It is easy to apply. It can be applied with airless airless guns.

Why Antirust Painted Profiles?

  • Due to the corrosion resistance of the paint, its shelf life is extended.
  • It creates an excellent floor for 2nd floor applications.
  • Expensive and laborious degreasing processes are eliminated to remove the cutting fluid
  • on the pipe and profile before painting.
  • Provides ease of use, shortens production times.
  • If pipes and profiles are desired to be coated with galvanize, anti-corrosion paint can be easily removed with degreasing chemical. It is an environmentally friendly application as
  • it does not require products such as degreaser, paint, solvent at the place of use.
  • It can be welded easily and safely.
  • It is economical.

Usage Area

  • Painted profiles are profile products preferred especially by the construction industry.
  • Painted profiles are frequently preferred in large projects such as hotel construction.
  • Painted profiles are the number one profile products used in roof construction.
  • Painted profiles are used in exterior sheathing processes
  • Painted profiles can be used in shelf and storage systems
  • Painted profiles are used on the railings of various buildings.
  • In steel roof manufacturing
  • In machinery and agricultural equipment
  • Automotive and sub-industry manufacturing
  • In building construction in business centers (Residential, Industrial type building)
  • In the production of playgrounds and park areas
  • In the construction of exterior sheathing
  • In the shelf and storage system with the functionality of the profiles
  • It is used in plasterboard and decoration manufacturing and in many other areas.
  • In short, painted k-profiles are preferred because they provide durability, production possibilities in desired sizes and ease of use in many sectors.