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Structure Profiles – HR

Quality : S235JR – S275JR – S355JR

Standard : N 10219-1 -EN 10305

Outer Diameter : 100 – 250 mm

Wall Thickness : 2 – 10 mm


Structure Profiles – HR

What are Structure Profiles – HR?

Building profiles, which have a visually aesthetic structure, are generally suitable for use in the construction phase of buildings. It is known that with many advantages, building profiles show parameters according to most usage areas. Building profiles are used in the construction of buildings or mass housing, industrial buildings.

We are able to provide all the dimensions and dimensions personally requested in all the construction profile dimensions requested in special dimensions, in all the works of our customers regarding their buildings under construction.

Usage areas

Along with their different productions, there are many usage areas in building profiles. It is used in different areas according to its carrying capacity, various sizes and dimensions. One of the leading areas is steel construction buildings, the construction of factory buildings, industrial structures and various multi-storey residences.

In areas such as business centers and shopping centers, the use of building profiles is also common in many areas for durability. One of the areas where the building profile is used is ceilings. Light steel truss is also used in areas such as roofs and ceilings.