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Hexagonal Profiles – CR

Quality : S275JRH – S275J0H – S275J2H – S355JRH – S355J0H – S355J2H

Standard : DIN EN 10016 – 10216 – 10217 – 17223 – 10025 – 10263-2 – 10263-3 – 10263-4

Wall Thickness : 0,90 – 2,00


Hexagonal Profiles

What are Hexagonal Profiles?

Hexagonal steel profile application is for more general purposes. Its end uses are in the construction industries. It is generally developed to carry weight.

It can be said that hexagonal steel profiles are one of the main elements of any manufacturing industry or related to any machine-related business. Due to their versatile use, hexagonal steel bars are used in various industries such as shipbuilding, defense, automotive, textile, machinery, manufacturing, cement, heavy earth moving equipment and construction.

Hexagonal steel bar uses are based on the types of bars needed and can be of different sizes.

Quality control certification plays a critical role in determining its role in the manufacturing industry. Composition analysis, internal defect tests and ultrasonic tests, surface, tensile strength and other mechanical and chemical properties tests are performed continuously to increase their suitability for end use.

Usage areas

They are used in accessories, fasteners, natural gas appliances.