Nothing is Impossible


Quality: OSB-1 – OSB-2 – OSB-3 – OSB-4

Size: 183×244 – 183×122

Thickness: 0.3 – 0.7 mm

Length: 40 – 100 mm

Width: 5 – 40 mm


OSB Plate

What is OSB Sheet?

OSB means oriented particle board and is the abbreviation of Oriented Strand Board in English.

The word chip is the name given to the large pieces that come out of a planed or chipped material. In OSB production, chip is called small pieces obtained as a result of planing wood pieces.

It is produced according to OSB quality grades, there are 4 world-class grades, as OSB – 1, OSB – 2, OSB – 3, OSB – 4, the quality increases as the number increases. In addition, this numbering indicates the places and conditions where the OIZ should be used. OIZ – 1, boxes, boxes, pallets, etc. in the packaging industry. used in the manufacture of materials. OSB – 2 is used as interior wall partition material and flooring in constructions. OSB – 3 is used as a roofing board in buildings, as it is resistant to water and humidity.

Usage places

  • In roof coverings, tiles and Shingle bottom plate coatings,
  • In load-bearing floors, walls and partition structures,
  • In wall coverings,
  • In the construction of moisture resistant, flat and insulated surfaces under tiles and ceramics,
  • Flooring, in collective and single programs,
  • Warehouse, stage, gymnasium, school, desk, table making,
  • In all kinds of interior decoration programs,
  • In furniture manufacturing,
  • In the packaging industry,
  • In yacht and boat decoration,
  • In the manufacture of vehicle casings,
  • Store, shop construction and decoration,
  • In fair stand programs,
  • In military barracks, barracks, prefabricated buildings,
    And it is possible to use it in many similar areas.