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Shingle Roll

Width: 1 m

Height: 10 m

Net Useful Coverage: 9 m2

Thickness: 3.5 mm


Shingle Rulo

What is Shingle Roll?

It is an easy-to-apply roofing material with a round pattern with a shingle roll appearance, covered with colored mineral stones, and sold as one piece, measuring 1 meter by 10 meters.

Method of Application

If it is to be applied as a single layer, it is recommended to be used on roofs with a slope of 20% or more. It is necessary to pay attention to the continuity of the pattern and the smoothness of its alignment during the application.

Shingle packages must be protected from low and high temperatures and humidity before being used. The covering boards (OSB, Water Plywood) on the roof surface to be covered with shingles must be dry.

  • BTM Shingle Roofing
  • Ventilation Chimneys
  • Rafter
  • OSB Coating Board
  • BTM Shingle Underwater Insulation Membrane
  • Dropper Profile
  • Groove
  • Shingle Ready Ridge Element
  • Shingle Start Strip
  • 10.BTM Polpan Thermal Insulation Board

Usage areas

– Roof coatings of all buildings.

– Roofing of chicken farms, animal shelters, barns.

– All kinds because of the roofing of production facilities.

– On the roof coverings of warehouse, prefabricated buildings.

– Roof coatings of indoor sports facilities.

– Hobby gardens – porch – factory – production facility etc. It is suitable for use where all coatings are required.