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Aluminum profile

Standard : EN AW 1050 – EN AW 5005 – EN AW 5803 – EN AW 5754 – EN AW 6061 – EN AW 6082 – EN AW 7050 – EN AW 7075

width : 250 – 1000 mm

Thickness: 3 mm


Aluminum profile

Aluminum profile What is it?

The use of aluminum profiles is as much as possible today. However, Aluminum profiles, which were candidates to replace steel profiles in the past, seem to have already replaced steel profiles in terms of usage and cost. Aluminum profile, whose usage areas are increasing day by day, does not match steel in terms of quality.

Aluminum models vary according to their quality, and quality Aluminum models are as durable and effective as possible. For this reason, its effects have been increased with corrosion-resistant properties, since its surface is coated with protective anodized. These factors do not require grinding and painting procedures as in steel construction. The dimensions of the profiles, which are reasonably designed in the application areas, consist of 8 mm and 10 mm channels. In this way, it is robust and as durable as possible against static and moving loads. Thanks to these features, Aluminum profiles are preferred instead of using steel profiles. Competing with steel in terms of their effects, Aluminum profiles are offered for sale at much more reasonable price ranges than steel profiles in terms of cost.

What are the Reasons and Pros of Preferring Aluminum Profiles?

The most important factor in the preference of aluminum profile is its serial mounting feature. In addition to this feature, its durability and high design features are just a few of the reasons why aluminum is preferred.

  • With the most suitable cross-sections, Aluminum profile provides simple usage opportunity by means of channels.
  • Being lighter than steel profile offers great simplicity in shipping procedures.
  • Its durability feature is as high as possible and it is produced with these features.
  • It has been developed in such a way that it can be used comfortably in every area through
  • its special channels.
  • It saves time and allows faster installation.
  • Due to its features that will prevent the disruption of planning, Aluminum profiles are among the most preferred profiles today.

What are the Usage Areas of Aluminum Profiles?

Aluminum profiles; It can be used in laying floors, filling the floor voids, as well as in glass balcony systems, corner turns in glass doors, industrial and household type blinds production, skeleton structure of entrance stairs of houses, stair railings, balcony railings, pools in order to prevent the passage of water and air from glass balcony mechanisms. They are the building elements that are frequently used in the fears made on the edges, partition wall works, in order to ensure the opening and closing of windows and doors, and in steel door frames.


  • Aluminum Ore is a very important building material of our age.
  • It is an indispensable building material in the construction sector with its use in many areas in the industry.
  • Aluminum profile is divided into many areas within itself.
  • Types of aluminum profiles used in the construction industry
  • aluminum box
  • aluminum angle bar
  • It consists of standard profiles called Aluminum Lama and Lambiri.
  • Types of aluminum profiles named under the title of architectural systems are;
  • Aluminum door and window profiles
  • Aluminum sliding joinery profiles
    Aluminum curtain wall profiles

Special Production Aluminum Profiles

  • Shelf and Stand Profiles
  • Awning Profiles
  • Curtain Profiles