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Galvanized Flat End Pipe – HR

Quality : DX51D+Z – DX52D+Z – DX53D+Z – DX54D+Z – DX56D+Z – DX57D+Z

Standard: EN 10346

Outer Diameter : 21,3 – 219,1 mm

Wall Thickness : 1,8 – 7,11 mm

Length : 5,0 – 8,5 m

Coating Range : 40 – 350 gr/m²


Galvanized Flat End Pipe

What is Galvanized Flat End Pipe?

​​​​​​Galvanized pipes are pipes coated with zinc by hot-dip method to protect the steel against corrosion and indoor humidity. Galvanization is the most preferred low-cost coating method in the world because it is the most resistant coating against rain acid. Galvanized pipes are mostly used in marine applications, constructions, interior installations, water lines, power/flag poles where metal needs to be protected from corrosion.

What is DN Pipe?

Nominal diameter, diam ether nominal initials DN. DN is the inside diameter of a galvanized pipe. This measurement is not the net diameter, but the approximate diameter. With this statement, the type of pipe is determined according to the need. When DN 55 is mentioned, it is understood that the inner diameter of the pipe is 55 mm. The outer diameter will change according to the wall thickness.

Usage Areas of Galvanized Pipes

-Galvanized pipes are used in the construction of the flagpole.

– Galvanized pipes are used in fire installations due to their long life, non-calcification and resistance to heat.

– Galvanized pipes are used during the infrastructure work.

-It is used in drinking water installations since they do not cause calcification for years.

-Welded galvanized pipe is used in constructions, as it does not rust in all areas where pipes are needed.

They are frequently used in electric poles in environmental lighting works.

-They are used in ventilation installations.

They are preferred in maritime works due to their rust and lime resistance.

-They are used in gas installations due to their resistance to heat change.

-Galvanized pipes are used in scaffolding parts.

– Galvanized pipes are used inside the air conditioner unit.

-In the construction of building fire stairs, in work safety applications

– It is preferred during railway construction due to its longevity and load resistance.

It is used in buildings such as greenhouses, warehouses, hangars.

-It is preferred in the construction of bridges and most guardrails due to its non-rusting feature in agricultural machinery.

It is preferred in petrochemical industry.

Galvanized pipes are used in the automotive industry.


Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing is realized by dipping the steel material suitable for the design into the molten zinc at a temperature of 450-500 °C in a boiler after the appropriate cleaning step. This method has been used successfully for approximately one hundred and fifty years. Galvanized steel elements in steel structure structures have started to be preferred frequently due to their ease of assembly, long life and convenient maintenance costs. If the steel has sufficient ratios in terms of silicon and phosphorus, galvanization will give good results.

Production from Galvanized Sheet

Another production method is galvanized pipes produced from galvanized sheets.