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Black Threaded Sleeve Pipe – HR

Quality : 235JR

Standard : ASTM A53 – EN10255

Outer Diameter : 21,3 – 168,3 mm

Wall Thickness : 1,8 – 7,11 mm

Length : 5,0 – 8,0 m


Black Threaded Sleeve Pipe

What is Black Threaded Sleeve Pipe?

All black or galvanized threaded sleeve pipes manufactured in accordance with the standards are also used in outdoor programs and indoor sanitary installations. Threaded sleeve pipe is a length of pipe threaded at one or both ends to allow users to screw into various pipe fittings and attachments. This type of pipe may be simpler to work with in some settings and it is possible to use it in various programs. Pipe couplings are used to provide a tight seal with threaded pipe connections.

What is a Cuff? What are the types?

Couplings are fasteners used in many different fields and in pipe installations, which enable tubes or pipes to be welded to each other, without welding or by using solder.

What are the Cuff Types?

The cuff consists of varieties produced from different materials according to the characteristics of the place where it will be used. Couplings, which can be produced as internal threaded or welded, according to the materials they are used,

  • Galvanized
  • Black
  • Stainless
  • U-PVC
  • It is separated as PPRC.
  • Cuff selection should be made considering the physical effects, ambient conditions and pressure factor of the area to be used.

Threading Production Standards

  • ISO 7/1
  • ASTM A53
  • EN10255
  • ANSI B1.20

Protective Practices

  • Varnish application on cogwheel
  • Polyethylene plug application on threads

Usage Areas

– House installations

– Industrial areas

– Major industry projects

– Plumbing areas in the workplace