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Trapeze Ridge

width: 87 cm

Thickness : 0,40 – 0,90 mm

Bend Angle: 145(standard)

Length Before Bending: 660 – 1000 mm


Trapeze Ridge

What is Trapezoidal Ridge?

Trapezoidal Mahya is a facade and roof covering material that is not affected by weather conditions, made of aluminum or galvanized sheet, and produced as painted or unpainted. It is produced with trapezoidal ridge materials as insulated or uninsulated. It is a simple material to transport, transport and assemble. Trapezoidal ridge offers aesthetic solutions in buildings by being manufactured in desired sizes and forms. Although it is a thin material, it is extremely resistant to corrosion by means of galvanized and paint layer.

In programs where aesthetic appearance is important, such as vaulted roof covering, single layer trapezes can be bent and ready for assembly according to the arc length and diameter of the roof.

They are not affected by weather conditions such as sun, rain and frost, and they are also resistant to wind.

It is the material that combines the roofing material with the same grooves in the middle of the roof in gable roofs with double flow and provides an integrity.

Features and Advantages

  • It is a product that does not rot easily and does not rust.
  • It is light and does not burden the roof.
  • It is practical, its assembly does not take your time.
  • It provides integrity between the roof junction and other parts of the roof.
  • It prevents the ugly appearance, protects the risky areas of water flow.
  • The amount of zinc coating is made in accordance with Turkish and world standards.

Places of Use and Application Method

It is used in the connection details of the ridge, eaves and the bottom of the wall in roof and facade cladding.

Ridge Detail

  1. Trapezoidal panel roofing.
  2. Fastener (screw).
  3. Upper ridge member.
  4. Lower ridge element.
  5. In love.
  6. carrier construction.

Fringe Detail

  1. Trapezoidal panel roofing.
  2. Fastener (screw).
  3. Stream member.
  4. Lower stream sheet.
  5. In love.
  6. carrier construction.

Wall Bottom Element

  1. Trapezoidal panel roofing.
  2. Fastener (screw).
  3. Wall element.
  4. In love.
  5. carrier construction.