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Embroidered Lama – Square – Wiping Irons

Euro Quality : S235JR – S275JR – S355JR

Erdemir Quality : 5437 – 3244 – 3252

Standard : EN 10058


Embroidered Lama Iron

What is Embroidered Lama Iron?

In constructions, types of iron are used to increase the quality of construction. Embroidered Flat-square-wiping irons are produced by forming a shape by twisting on iron bars. Our company uses these products in constructions to prevent the iron bars from being stripped from the concrete. Hot rolling and cold rolling, which are used in iron production, affect the quality of iron. Iron products provide the strength center of the buildings as they act as a skeleton in the concrete. By creating patterns and protrusions, called ribs, on steel bars used in construction concrete, surface resistance is increased. Until recently, flat steel bars without ribs were used in most parts of the world. However, in recent years, efforts have been made to increase the durability of buildings by using iron bars with rib feature.