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HRP sheets, which are among the products with an extremely wide usage area by being produced in the iron and steel industry, are prepared in different sizes. The product, which has been used in many areas, can also be prepared according to customer demand with special orders.

After the hot rolled flat steels, a smoother surface is obtained by making room in the cold rolling process. Thus, an increase in strength is obtained.

They are HRP sheet flat steel products prepared with rolls with thicknesses varying between 2.50 mm and 5.00 mm.

Our company, which makes room for HRP sheet production, offers you quality products with fast delivery. In purchasing HRC sheet metal, which is known for its use from different sectors, you can order by making the size preferences that suit your needs.

HRP sheet products, which are used in white goods products, which are durable household appliances, are also among the indispensable products of the automotive industry. It is also frequently used in radiator manufacturing, preparation of kitchen utensils, production of ventilation equipment, and pipe profile manufacturing.

We have all kinds of lengthening services available.