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Stainless Appliances

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Stainless Appliances

Patent Elbow
Patent elbows are fittings made of iron welded or iron seamless pipes, which can be used in the production of stainless products and used to give 90 or 45 degree rotation angles to the products.

Joint Set

In today’s architectural structures, importance is given to aesthetics by using technological opportunities as much as quality and durability. Therefore, when constructing stair railings, which are used as a protector in buildings, stainless joint kits, which are a stair railing accessory, are used.

Base Badge

It is used at the base of stair heads and flag poles.


Spider glass holders, also known as stainless glass holders, are one of the most important equipment of facade systems.

Felt Flap Sander

It is used in cleaning processes of stainless surfaces.