Nothing is Impossible

Map Plan Cabinet

Length : 74 cm

Width : 130 cm

Thickness : 94 cm


Harita Plan Dolabı

What is a Map Plan Cabinet?

Map plan cabinets are lockable metal cabinets with drawers in which projects, maps and architectural drawings are stored. It is generally used by engineers, architects, painters and designers. Map plan cabinets are very durable as they are produced from DKP Steel sheet.

The Map Cabinet has 6 drawers in its model. There is a nameplate (label) on each drawer. There are handles to open the map plan cabinet drawers simply. There is a 14cm plinth at the bottom of the cabinet for comfortable use of the lower drawer. The drawers are used more easily with the base. You can keep your projects and drawings safe with the map storage cabinet. Since the map project cabinet is lockable, your projects, drawings and maps are very safe.

  • It is manufactured from 0.8 mm thick and high quality DKP sheet
  • High quality electrostatic powder coating
  • Hanger pins are available
  • Double stage swing door system
  • Safety bar to prevent threads from falling
  • straps

Cabinet TypeS




Map Plan Cabinet 6 Drawers with Standard Rail

130 cm

94,5 cm

70 cm

Sheet Cabinet

90 cm

54 cm

135 cm