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Clamp Roof Sheet

Thickness : 0,50 – 1,20 mm

Length : 1000 – 13500 mm

width: 800 – 1000 mm


Clamp Roof Sheet

What is Clamp Roof Sheet?

The seam roof is a metal roofing system that is applied on roofs with a minimum slope of 5%, can be adapted simply to all traditional or modern architecture, and exhibits impressive and lively lines.

The clamped roof sheet, which is used in roof covering by interlocking with each other with a special technology, is one of the indispensable counterparts of today’s building industry.

Clamped roofing sheets are the name given to the use of classical roofing materials such as lead, copper or aluminum in roof construction with different technological programs.

The seam roof is a type of roofing preferred for buildings seeking aesthetic appearance as well as durability in recent years. It is also preferred because it can be applied to every roof model. Giving architects freedom of design also provides a distinct advantage.

Coating beginnings, corner joints, ridge joints and endings must be done very carefully. The clamp roof, which allows problem-free and functional application on large-area roofs and circular structures, is produced in two types as trapezoidal seam and flat seam. This system, which does not require the use of screws and is called a seam roof due to its interlocking feature, completely eliminates the water leakage problem. Water leakage from the joint joints, which is the biggest problem in large-area roofs, can be completely prevented with the clamp roof system.

Clamp Roof Sheet carries more load than flat seams. It is possible to use it comfortably in z profile systems by means of its easy application between purlins. However, flat clamp systems for reasonable areas also give healthy results as trapezoidal clamps for water leakage and building protection.

Usage areas

  • Homes
  • Villa
  • Hotel
  • Living Facilities
  • Factories
  • Production
  • Storage Facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Sports And Recreation Facilities
  • educational institutions
  • Military-Purpose Buildings
  • Aviation Facilities
  • Prefabricated