Nothing is Impossible


In our factory, where we have the latest technology machinery, we carry out the sheet metal cutting process perfectly and quickly.

Our Laser Sheet Cutting Processes

As you know, laser technology is now used efficiently in every field. Although the entry into the industrial sector is new, many transactions can now be carried out faster and with higher quality than ever before.

We also benefit from all the blessings of laser sheet metal cutting technology. We don’t just take advantage of the opportunities available to them. At the same time, we benefit from the expertise of our staff, who can use this productive efficiency in a way.

How We Do

Before performing the sheet metal cutting process with a laser, we perform a thorough cleaning. In order for the cut to be smooth and smooth, the metal surfaces must be cleaned of all kinds of dirt.

We clean the metal with acid or other chemicals. We have acid pools specially designed for this process.

In addition, we clean the metal surfaces of the files from dust and other dirt with the help of air support.

After carrying out all the cleaning operations, we place the metal to be cut on the table of the CNC machine.

We perform the cutting process in line with the requests of our customers and the dimensions they give us.

We have CAD and CAM software that we use for cutting. In other words, we decide on the design of cutting processes with the help of these software.

This is how we can simply answer the question of how laser cutting is done.

Advantages of Laser Sheet Cutting Service

The cutting processes we perform using a laser cutting machine save you both time and money.

Disadvantages arising from other cutting processes are definitely not in question in laser cutting processes.

In addition, the advantages of laser cutting processes are as follows:

  • It is sustainable.
  • Sheet metal cutting processes can be done more precisely and smoothly.
  • You can have the sheet metal cutting process done at any time. The laser cutting machine can be operated efficiently according to 24 time zones.
  • You can have the cut shape you want.
  • As a result of the cutting process performed according to the dimensions you give, sheet metal parts can be easily combined in harmony with each other.
  • Thanks to laser cutting types, you have more than one option.

Laser Sheet Cutting Prices

You can have 10 or 100 sheet metal cutting processes.

It will be more advantageous for you to have a mass cutting process. You can request a price quote from us for the cutting processes that you will have over 100 pieces.