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Metals are shaped using advanced machines. Metal raw materials, which are needed by the industry and especially the construction sector, are prepared according to the measurements determined in the factories. Sheet metal bending is one of the types of metal processing.

What is Sheet Twisting?

It is the name given to the sheet bending process performed using specially designed machines.

How We Do

In our machine park in our factory, we perform the bending process thanks to the roller sheet bending machines.

Thanks to these machines, we can perform flawless and high quality workmanship.

Cylindrical sheet bending machines bend metal raw materials such as flat steel and aluminum, which are placed in the mouth, in the form of cylinders.

In addition, we perform the bending process with CNC press brake bending machines. We prepare the sheet materials and place them in the mouth of the machine.

Then we perform the programming of the machine. After the twisting process, the bent material is turned into a roll.

Which Machines Do We Use?

We perform sheet bending by using CNC and other bending machines. We perform the bending of the press brake on CNC machines.

We also perform the other bending process with the help of the other sheet bending machine.

Sheet Bending Types

We perform sheet bending types with the machines in our factory. Our sheet bending types:

  • Cylinder twist,
  • Profile bending,
  • Conical twist,
  • Lama twisting and
  • We can sort it as pipe bending.

Advantages of Our Sheet Bending Service

When you receive sheet bending service:

  • You get better quality service.
  • Your orders arrive just in time.
  • You will pay less money than other methods.
  • Thanks to the metal sheet bending techniques we apply, you will get a product just like you want.

Our Affordable Sheet Bending Prices

We have prepared very affordable sheet bending prices for you. In particular, you will see that the transactions made in your bulk orders are more economical.

Our prices; We determine it according to the criteria of transportation distance, number of work done, detail and duration of the work done.

You need to get a price quote from us for your bulk orders. To get a price quote, you can reach us from the contact addresses on our contact page.

Our consultants provide you with all kinds of assistance in the price offer.