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Metals produced in rolls are sliced ​​or cut to be used in different areas. Roll slitting machines specially designed for this process are used.

What is Roll Slitting?

The process of cutting sheet metals in rolls in certain lengths with specially designed machines is called roll slitting.

How is it done?

Before starting the slitting process, the metals are cleaned. Metal surfaces are cleaned of dust and other dirt with acid or other strong chemicals and compressed air.

Cranes and other unwinding machines are used to unwind coils weighing several tons. The rolls opened in this way are fed to the rolls of the slitting station.

There are two rollers in the machine. The lower roller takes the end of the roll and transfers it to the moving belt. The upper roller, on the other hand, prevents uncontrolled unrolling of the roll with its high pressure power.

Then the metals begin to move from the roller to the treadmill to the respective stations.

Coil slitting machine consists of several stations. Each station treats the metal differently. For example, while metal is cleaned in one of the stations, it is softened at high temperatures in the other.

The purpose of the softening process is to provide easy cutting of metals in the cutting station.

Coil sheet material passes through each station on a flat belt. In the last station, the cutting process is performed. Thick and circular steel blades perform the cutting process.

After the cutting process is completed, the coil metal is prepared to be delivered to the customer.

Where to use?

The metals obtained at the end of the coil sheet slitting process are used in the following sectors:

  • In the automotive industry,
  • In the lighting industry,
  • in the construction industry and
  • In every branch of the heavy industry industry…

What are the advantages?

Steel sheets obtained by roll slitting cutting process; meets the needs of industry, construction, lighting and automotive sectors.

In addition, the roll slitting cutting process provides the following advantages:

  • At the end of a perfect cutting process, quality products are obtained.
  • It allows businesses to save time and money.
  • A properly sliced ​​sheet can be used for a long time in the relevant industries.
  • Sliced ​​metal sheets needed by businesses can be prepared in a short time.

Roll Slitting Prices

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