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Coil sheet cutting is carried out with a machine called a cut-to-length line. The cut-to-length line consists of several machines that are independent of each other and the task of each machine is different.

What is Rolled Sheet Cutting?

Sheet metal cutting is the name given to the process of cutting steel or aluminum raw materials in rolls with the help of specially designed machines.

How Do We Do Coil Sheet Cutting Process?

Coil sheet cutting line provides cutting of metal sheets. Before starting the cutting process, we ensure the cleanliness of the metal.

Metal sheets in rolls are quite heavy. Therefore, it is impossible to give it to the mouth of the machine by hand.

We use specially designed trolleys and cranes for this process. The rolled raw material, which comes in the form of trolleys, is compressed to the rollers located at the mouth of the machine with the help of cranes.

There are two rubber rollers, upper and lower, in the machine. The lower roller ensures that the end of the metal roll is grasped and given to the walking belt. The upper roller prevents the metal roll from swaying.

Before the cutting process, we open the metal coils with the help of a machine called a coil opening machine.

With the sheet straightening machine, we straighten the curved ends of the metal sheets. The apparatus called servo drive is used to move the ends of the rolled sheets forward.

Ironing and straightening of the sheet is very important in the roll sheet cutting process. If these two stations do not operate efficiently, the cutting operation cannot take place.

Next comes the most important part of the roll sheet cutting process. We take the tension of metal sheets with the apparatus called sheet loop pit. If the tension of the metal sheets is not taken, undesirable accidents may occur during cutting.

One of the important parts of the machine is the guillotine shear. This apparatus ensures that the sheet metal cutting process is carried out in the desired dimensions.

Sheets cut into plates are stacked by the plate sheet stacking unit. The final packaging and coating process is carried out.

We carry out the packaging process with the help of a custom-made paper wrapper and PVC coating machine.

In the packaging process, we use wrapper packages.

Thus, the cutting process is completed and the materials are ready to be delivered to the customer.

What are the Advantages of Rolled Sheet Cutting?

Advantages of coil sheet cutting process:

  • A smoother cutting process is performed compared to the old methods.
  • Smoothly cut sheet metals are used appropriately and material loss is minimized.
  • It allows the customer to save time.
  • The cutting process is quite fast. More work is produced per unit time.

Which Machines Do We Use?

We use only one machine for coil sheet cutting. Consisting of specific workstations, this machine is used around the world. In other words, we perform the cutting process by using the latest technology machines.

We Have the Most Affordable Coil Cutting Prices!

We use the latest technology machines. Thus, we can do work faster in unit time.

There is no material loss. Therefore, prices can be offered to customers more economically.

If the cut roll transactions are below a certain number, the prices may be slightly higher. In mass cutting operations, we offer our customers our economical prices.

For your bulk cutting operations, you can visit the contact page and talk to our customer sales consultants.

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