Nothing is Impossible


Small or big, it doesn’t matter! We process all kinds of metal materials with special size production technique.

Steel has a different structure and is very useful. It can be used in many different areas from the construction sector to the industrial sector. Of course, if it can be cut neatly into different lengths…

What is Custom Size Production?

Special production is the name of the process applied to metals processed differently from standard sizes and types.

There are standards applied in many industries. Production is made in the dimensions determined in accordance with these standards. For example, the length of the steel material used in the construction of skyscrapers is certain. In other words, in the project, the size is given according to the standards and the length of the steel material is determined in accordance with the project.

This is also true for machine parts used in the industrial sector. Machine parts are generally standard. But the dimensions used in some designs may be outside the standards.

In such cases, steel or other metal materials may be produced outside the standards.

How is it done?

Certain standards are applied in both sheet metal cutting and other cutting processes. The dimensions entered into the software on the CNC machine are generally standard dimensions.

But in some cases, our customers give us non-standard dimensions and they want the cutting processes to be carried out according to these dimensions.

In such cases, we perform laser cutting and other cutting operations using non-standard dimensions.

One of the biggest advantages of laser cutting is that it allows us to use non-standard sizes. So there is no limit to the dimensions.

What are the advantages?

The custom-size production process has many advantages for the customer and the manufacturing company. These:

  • Ability to operate outside the standards,
  • Gaining experience in different cutting processes,
  • The products that the customer needs can be prepared without being bound by the standards,
  • Thanks to advanced technology devices, rapid production can be realized in special sizes.

Where is Special Size Production Used?

Special size production is frequently used and preferred in the field of construction and industry, especially in the iron and steel sector. It is also used in the production of iron and steel parts used in the furniture industry.

Special Size Production Prices

Unlike the standard transactions, we can say that custom-size production prices are a bit more expensive.

Processing all kinds of metal, especially profile cutting, and performing all these processes outside the standards will of course bring a certain cost.

For all your special size production orders, you can reach us from the communication section and get a price quote.