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They are products prepared by casting process. Black sheet products with high strength can also find a place for themselves in different areas of use due to their easy shape. It is used in many visible or invisible areas because it can be easily welded and shaped.

These products, which are prepared according to standard sizes, are also prepared with special production in different sizes and different weights according to the customer’s demand. You can use our Karaca Metal company for the black sheet purchasing process, which has quality production.

Black steel sheet, which is produced by casting process and prepared by hot rolling process, is among the products with a very wide usage area. The most common area of ​​use is the white goods sector. In addition to the black sheet product, which is frequently used in product production, it is also used in the automotive sector.

Black sheets, which are involved in the production of products as visible or invisible parts, are used in the manufacture of office supplies, storage tanks, train tracks, general construction plates, construction machinery, ships and shipyards, as well as steel casing production. Black sheet, which is effective in the production of road and railway vehicles, is included in both the product and the applications required for production.

The product, which has high strength, therefore has an extremely wide usage area. Not only high strength, but also easy welding and easy shaping of the desired shape affect the use of the product in many different sectors.

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